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Planting Harrisia

Photo by Jon Moore.

Committee Chair:   Juliet Rynear

Vice Chair:  Annie Schmidt


Committee Function

The Conservation Committee handles conservation-oriented initiatives and manages the Conservation Grants that are given annually.


Strategic Plan (click to view)


Policy on Conservation, Preservation and Restoration (CPR)



Harrisia fragrans restoration was a project funded in part by FNPS Conservation grants.  This rare cactus blooms at night.  The upper photo shows a student recording data to document project success.  Photos by Jon Moore.

Volunteers search for Warea amplexifolia after a management burn.  Photo by Jackie Rolly.



  • Participate in Conservation Projects on both a state-wide and chapter level
  • Review applications for FNPS Conservation Awards
  • Spread the word on the importance of conserving our natural lands and managing them appropriately


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