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Planting Harrisia

Photo by Jon Moore.

Committee Chair:   Juliet Rynear

Vice Chair:  Annie Schmidt


Committee Function

The Conservation Committee oversees conservation-oriented initiatives, the new Habitat Restoration Program, and manages the Conservation Grants that are given annually.


Strategic Plan (click to view)


Policy on Conservation, Preservation and Restoration (CPR)


FNPS Floristic Inventory and Plant Survey Guidance For Members



Harrisia fragrans restoration was a project funded in part by FNPS Conservation grants.  This rare cactus blooms at night.  The upper photo shows a student recording data to document project success.  Photos by Jon Moore.

Volunteers search for Warea amplexifolia after a management burn.  Photo by Jackie Rolly.



  • Participate in Conservation Projects on both a state-wide and chapter level
  • Review applications for FNPS Conservation Awards
  • Spread the word on the importance of conserving our natural lands and managing them appropriately