Website Committee

Committee Chair:   Shirley Denton

Web Master:
Paul Rebman
Design Meistro:
Cindy Liberton

Committee Function

The Website Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the FNPS website and other electronic media.  

FNPS web presences such as the FNPS blog, twitter, and facebook are handled jointly by the Website Committee and Communications Committee.


The website committee can use volunteers!

  • Provide content/review for the website
  • Provide content/review for the "Plants for Your Area" component of the site.  This involves knowing the plant, providing photographs of it especially in the landscape, and uploading this information to the site.
  • Provide content/review for the "Gardens, Nature Trails, and Hotspots" components of the website
  • Be a blogger
  • Tweet
  • Be active on Facebook
  • Manage a component such as the Forum 
  • Volunteer to edit your chapter's calendar
  • Be a chapter support person -- help the chapter with its web presence.  This could be as simple as managing a small content management system with few web skills required

Special Needs:

  • PHP programmers especially ones who know object-orient programming
  • Web design skills (graphics)
  • Javascript programmers

Resources for Committee Members

Reports to BOD and ExCom