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  • Hernando ChapterHoliday Crafts with Florida Native Plants

    Hernando Chapter

    Holiday Crafts with Florida Native Plants

    6:30 pm

    Chinsegut Hill Brooksville

    Join us to create holiday wonders from the leaves and stems of your favorite Florida natives. Volunteers from Dade Battlefield State Park will be on-hand to help you make Palmetto stars, boondoggles, and other decorative items.

    The Hernando Chapter meets at Chinsegut Hill Retreat, 22495 Chinsegut Hill Road, Brooksville FL 34601

  • Cocoplum ChapterChapter Meeting-Paul Gray on Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

    Cocoplum Chapter

    Chapter Meeting-Paul Gray on Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

    6:30 pm

    Environmental Studies Center, 2900 NE Indian River Drive, Jensen Beach

    Kissimmee Prairie is home to the federally endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow. Dr. Paul Gray, Okeechobee Science Coordinator for Audubon of Florida, will explore this creature's delicate reliance on an extraordinary ecosystem.

    Arrive at 6:30 for social conversation and plant raffle. Program begins at 7:00.

  • Beautyberry ChapterThe Role of Native Plants in your Sustainable Garden

    Beautyberry Chapter

    The Role of Native Plants in your Sustainable Garden

    4:00 pm

    Lake County Cooperative Extension Service, 1951 Woodlea Rd. Tavares FL

    If you are interested in learning from one the experts in the field, join us for this very specail program.  Ginny Stibolt, author and botanist, will be our speaker.  No matter what your style of gardening, or how long you have been doing it, you will leave with new ideas, or a new take on what you already know.  For more info, see our newsletter.

  • Pinellas ChapterAnnual Membership Meeting and Pot Luck Dinner - Forensic Botany

    Pinellas Chapter

    Annual Membership Meeting and Pot Luck Dinner - Forensic Botany

    6:30 pm

    Moccasin Lake Nature Park, 2750 Park Trail Lane, Clearwater

    Our speaker, Dr. David W. Hall, is a qualified expert witness in forensic botany. If recognized and properly collected, botanical evidence in criminal and civil legal proceedings can be utilized to establish the postmortem interval and create suspect and victim interactions. It is also useful for point of origin determinations.

    Plants in and around a crime scene can provide evidence to:

    1. Verify an alibi.
    2. Link a person, vehicle, or other article some particular location or crime scene.
    3. Help determine the time that a person, vehicle, or other article was at a particular location.
    4. Help determine the time since death.

    It should be noted that plant evidence can be very tiny and is often overlooked, especially in soils. Tiny plants and seeds, pollen, algae, or fragmentary plant parts can be found in and around crime scenes: buildings, yards, vehicles, and clothing, especially including shoes. An excellent guide to such evidence is contained in the 2012 book: Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide by David Hall and Jason Byrd; Willey-Blackwell.

  • Sparkleberry ChapterPlant Walk - Suwannee River Greenway Trail, Branford

    Sparkleberry Chapter

    Plant Walk - Suwannee River Greenway Trail, Branford

    9:30 am

    Join us, and our Suwannee County Forester, Brian Cobble, on Thursday morning for a shaded walk along the paved Greenway trail that parallels US Highway 129.   We will walk a short portion of the 1-mile trail north of town to see a variety of native shrubs and trees, along with several exotic invasive species, before heading back towards Branford.  The trail was acquired through the Greenways and Trails Program funded by Preservation 2000.  Meet at the vacant lot on Trail Street just behind Gaylord Pump & Irrigation, 904 NW Suwannee Avenue (a/k/a US 129), Branford 32008.  Contact our Chapter Rep. if you plan to attend.

  • SweetBay ChapterPresentation: Seed Dormancy and Germination

    SweetBay Chapter

    Presentation: Seed Dormancy and Germination

    5:30 pm

    Science and Discovery Center, Panama City

    Presented by Gail Baker

  • Magnolia ChapterProgram - Mike Jenkins - Plant Conservation - Fire, Flowers and Invasive Plant Management

    Magnolia Chapter

    Program - Mike Jenkins - Plant Conservation - Fire, Flowers and Invasive Plant Management

    7:00 pm

    Room 1024 in the King Life Sciences Building on the FSU Campus

    Speaker: Mike JenkinsThe large and spread-out Lake Talquin State Forest near Tallahassee is very accessible with rare, local favorite plants such as silky camellia, brickell-bush, pyramid magnolia and great wild azaleas blooms in the spring. Most sandhill and upland pine habitats are being restored to longleaf and wiregrass, have surprisingly diverse groundcover, and are burned in the growing season. This presentation will look at this state forest’s native plants, public access, and management, with assistance from the Florida Endangered and Threatened Plant Conservation Program.


    Michael Jenkins has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Field Ecology from Prescott College, Arizona and currently works as a biologist with the Florida Forest Service. He is a longtime member of the FNPS Magnolia Chapter.


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  • Cocoplum ChapterField Trip - Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

    Cocoplum Chapter

    Field Trip - Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

    9:00 am

    Join Paul Gray at the park. Time and details available at 11/3 Chapter Meeting.

  • FNPS ChapterFNPS Board and Council Of Chapters Meetings

    FNPS Chapter

    FNPS Board and Council Of Chapters Meetings

    9:30 am

    Florida Forest Service Training Center

    PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE TO  November 7, 2015 as FNPS Cuba trip is Nov 15-22.  This is a one day meeting from 9:00 to 5:00 pm with an option for overnight in the FFS Training Center facilities. Sunday field trips are optional. Meals and overnight arrangements are available at Please make your arrangements by Oct 21.  We need to know all FNPS members who will be attending this meeting.  The Schedule for the day will be available by Oct 23..

    Florida Forest Service Training Center, Withlacoochee State Forest  (Near Brooksville)

    Florida Forest Service, Withlacoochee Training Center
    24059 Childs Road, Brooksville, FL 34601
    352-797-4174 (new #)
    Meeting Room – $120 for Saturday - FNPS
    Cabin rooms - $30/night /person
    Breakfast - 7:00 am $6
    Lunch - noon  $8
    Dinner - 5.00 pm  $11

    The Schedule will be posted on the Forum in October. Board, Council, Presidents, VP's, Treasurers and Member Managers are all invited to an all day session starting at 9:30 am. Workshops will be in the morning and Boardmeeting 1:00-3:00 pm; Councilmeeting 3:15-5:00 pm.

    RESERVATIONS will be available in early October and a notice with options will be sent out via email.

    Lunch and dinner include salad bar, hot meal and beverages (water, coffee, tea). Fire Ring and firewood for evenings included in our reservations.  Overnight and meals are FNPS Member responsibility. We need a minimum of 20 people for meals. No dinner on Friday night. Breakfast on Sunday depends on 20 overnight guests. All rooms have bedding and towels - Air Conditioning. Clean, neat. IMPORTANT Room nights and meals need to be reserved and paid for two weeks in advance - by October 21.  If you plan on staying two nights and eating 3 meals on Saturday, the total cost is $85. More details on where to send your reservation.

    Note: those of us staying over on Saturday night will plan a field trip into the Withlacoochee State Forest on Sunday morning. Should be fun as is beautiful forest and native plants.  Please join us!

    Directions at link below:

  • SeaRocket ChapterForest Festival and Plant Sale

    SeaRocket Chapter

    Forest Festival and Plant Sale

    10:00 am

    Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

    The Forest Festival and Native Palnt sale is an event not to miss. Enchanted Forest puts on a wonderful festival with activities for all ages. Sea Rocket will be selling native plants to enhance your gardens. Enchanted Forest Sanctuary is located at:444 Columbia Blvd, Titusville, FL 32780, (321) 264-5185

  • Council ChapterCouncil Meeting In-person

    Council Chapter

    Council Meeting In-person

    6:00 pm

    Forestry Withlacoochee Training Center, Brooksville

    Florida Division of Forestry Training Center

    Council meeting time not yet confirmed.

    This is a one day meeting with an option for overnight in the Training Center facilities. Sunday field trips are optional. More informaiton will be available in September for arrangements and Schedules.

    Florida Division of Forestry Training Center,Withlacoochee State Forest  (Near Brooksville)

    Florida Division of Forestry Withlacoochee Training Center
    24059 Childs Road, Brooksville, FL 34601
    (352) 754-6822
    Meeting Room – $120 (50% discount) (verify)
    Cabin rooms - $30/night /person
    Breakfast - $6
    Lunch - $8
    Dinner - $11

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  • Conradina ChapterA Brief History of the Turpentine Industry in Florida

    Conradina Chapter

    A Brief History of the Turpentine Industry in Florida

    6:00 pm

    Melbourne Library, 540 E. Fee Ave., Melbourne, FL

    The historical, cultural and ecological significance of the turpentine (naval stores) industry in Florida will be discussed.  Many artifacts pertaining to the turpentine industry will be displayed and available for hands-on interpretive purposes.

    Tracey Wright, tonight's speaker, is an ecologist, naturalist and environmental educator.  A Florida native, Tracey earned Master's degrees in Conservation Technology and Environmental Education, both from Florida Tech.  She is employed as an OPS Park Ranger for the Florida Park Service at St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park in Fellsmere.  She lives in Palm Bay. 

    Come early at 5:30 for refreshments.

  • Pawpaw ChapterNovember Meeting - The Fungus Amoung Us

    Pawpaw Chapter

    November Meeting - The Fungus Amoung Us

    7:00 pm

    Piggotte Center, South Daytona

    Would you like to know what that “thing” is that you find growing on your lawn and other places that you explore?

    Dr. Jay Barnhart, retired forensic pathologist and avid amateur mycologist will be narrating a visual presentation entitled “WHAT IS THIS FUNGUS AMONG US? THE 10 EASY ID’S.”, based on his observations in the Space Coast Area. Learn about Mushroom Facts, Fables, Folklore and Fun in this narrated interactive slide show.

    The Pawpaw Chapter meets the Second Monday of each month at the Piggotte Community Center, 504 Big Tree Rd (enter from St. James St.), South Daytona.

    Doors open 6:30 pm, Program at 7pm, followed by the business meeting.

    Click here for meeting location info and map.

  • Magnolia ChapterWolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve Work Day

    Magnolia Chapter

    Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve Work Day

    9:00 am

    Wolf Creek Rd., Whigham, GA

    Come enjoy a morning activity removing exotic invasive plants or otherwise enhancing the property, with an invitation to bring-your-own-lunch and an afternoon stroll.  To join the volunteer list, please contact

  • Sparkleberry ChapterChapter Meeting - Hatch Park Community Center, 403 SE Craven St., Branford, FL 32008

    Sparkleberry Chapter

    Chapter Meeting - Hatch Park Community Center, 403 SE Craven St., Branford, FL 32008

    6:30 pm

    Ginny Stibolt - "The Art of Maintaining a Florida Native Landscape", the title of her latest book, is also the subject of her presentation.  Ginny has a very down-to-earth approach to sustainable native plant gardening that you will surely enjoy.   She is a member of FNPS, has written several books on similar subjects, and is a regular contributor to the FNPS blog.  Check out some of Ginny's interesting articles on the blog that is accessible from the Society website.   Copies of the book will be for sale at the meeting.

  • Mangrove ChapterProgram

    Mangrove Chapter


    7:00 pm

    Lemon Bay Park, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood, Fl

    "What a Master Gardener Learns About Native Plants," By Vickie Lowe

  • Coccoloba ChapterPaul Julian II on Carbon Cycle Dynamics

    Coccoloba Chapter

    Paul Julian II on Carbon Cycle Dynamics

    7:00 pm

    Page Field Base Operations, 5200 Captain Channing Page Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907

    Paul Julian II discusses ...
    From Above Ground to Below Ground:  Carbon Cycle Dynamics in South Florida Ecosystems.

  • PaynesPrairie ChapterNovember Chapter Meeting, 7pm (Plant ID 6:30pm)

    PaynesPrairie Chapter

    November Chapter Meeting, 7pm (Plant ID 6:30pm)

    7:00 pm

    Unitarian Universalist Church, 4225 NW 34th Street, Gainesville, FL 32605

    Topic: Invasive Plant Education
    Speaker: Katie Walters

    Katie Walters of the UF-IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants (UF IFAS– CAIP) will address us about the problems associated with invasive plants, the accompanying management issues and activities, and the science and collective experience behind management decisions in unique natural environments. This presentation will provide a tour of the Center’s websites and explain all our available outreach resources. Samples of IFAS–CAIP educational products will also be on hand for audience members to examine.

    Katie Walters coordinates the Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative, an outreach program created to provide science teachers with lessons, activities and training about invasive plants. The program is a cooperative effort of the University of Florida-IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plant Management Section. Katie oversees the design, desktop projection, and dissemination of educational materials produced by the Center. In addition, Katie serves as treasurer and alternate board member for the North American Invasive Species Network Project.

  • NatureCoast ChapterMeet our FNPS President and Discover How FNPS Fulfills its Mission

    NatureCoast Chapter

    Meet our FNPS President and Discover How FNPS Fulfills its Mission

    7:00 pm

    Land O Lakes Community Center, 5401 Land O' Lakes Blvd. Land O' Lakes, FL 34639

    Speaker: Anne Cox, President of the Florida Native Plant Society

    Anne Cox, President of the Florida Native Plant Society will discuss activities and initiatives the state organization supports to fulfill its mission to promote the conservation, preservation and restoration of the native plant communities of Florida.  Members and non-members should attend to learn more about the FNPS’s role as a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to preserving Florida’s native plant legacy through science, education and grassroots advocacy. 


  • Coontie ChapterFlorida Native Plants and Insects

    Coontie Chapter

    Florida Native Plants and Insects

    7:00 pm

    Secret Woods, 2701 W. State Rd. 84, Dania Beach, FL 33312

    Dr. Bill Kern, an experienced entomologist with the University of Florida, Entomology and Nematology Department, will introduce us to the world of insect interactions with native plants.

    Places with native plants are busy with thousands of active plant and wildlife interactions in every direction from where we stand. Thank you to those who have had the interest and patience to watch and study, we can begin to appreciate the intricacy and long-term nature of these cooperative or defensive relationships.

  • Ixia ChapterGeneral meeting

    Ixia Chapter

    General meeting

    6:30 pm

    Regency Square Library, 9900 Regency Square Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32225

    Ixia welcomes Bob Chabot, Director of Horticulture, Facilities and Exhibits at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens as our November guest speaker.  Bob has worked in public horticulture for the last twenty-two years.  He was Curator of Horticulture for Zoo New England in Boston for ten years, Director of Horticulture at Roger Williams Botanical Garden in Providence, R.I. for three years, and joined the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in 2005.  Bob oversees the development and management of the gardens, exhibits, grounds, and facilities. He also participates in the design and implementation of the Zoo’s Master Plan. Bob is Past President of Greenscape of Jacksonville and served for several years on the Association of Zoological Horticulture Board of Directors.


    Bob Chabot will discuss ways that the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Horticulture Department has helped to raise money or directly fund plant conservation projects. He will also present a variety of staff and volunteer field work opportunities. He will briefly share sustainability efforts that the Horticulture Department has embarked on to help conserve energy and other natural resources, and welcomes your questions about public horticulture.

    Please note: we are meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month due to a scheduling conflict.

  • SeaRocket ChapterPlant Sale at the Native Rhythms Festival.

    SeaRocket Chapter

    Plant Sale at the Native Rhythms Festival.

    10:00 am

    Wickham Park, Melbourne

    Sea Rocket is having a plant sale at the Native Rhythms Festivasl at Wickham Park in Melbourne. This event is 3 days long, November 13, 14 15. Volunteers are always welcome to help.

  • NatureCoast ChapterPaynes Prairie: The Great Savannah: A History and Guide

    NatureCoast Chapter

    Paynes Prairie: The Great Savannah: A History and Guide

    12:00 am

    Paynes Prairie State Park

    Paynes Prairie State Park

    Saturday, November 14

    10 am at Paynes Prairie, La Chau Trail

    4801 Camp Rd., Gainesville, FL


    Carpool 8:10 am

    Racetrack Gas Station

    Exit 301 Rt. 50 & I-75


    If you are like me, you have driven by Paynes Prairie on I-75 several times and wish you had an opportunity to explore this mysterious area you see as you are rushing by. This is your chance, and an opportunity for those who have already been there as well. We are lucky to have as our guide, Lars Anderson, noted river guide and nature writer. He is the author of Paynes Prairie: The Great Savannah: A History and Guide, and will be a wealth of knowledge for us.


    Paynes Prairie is a great grassland and freshwater marsh that is 22,000 acres. There are more than 20 biological communities within it and 270 species of birds. In addition, there are wild horses, remnants from the Spanish, and bison were also introduced in the 1970’s. Bison were native to the Prairie before the European settlement.


    The hike will take between 2 and 2.5 hours, so as always, bring water, a hat, and snacks. Considering all of the birds and animals, you may want to bring binoculars and/or a camera. Bring $5 per person entry to pay at the iron ranger at the gate. You will need exact change. We will go someplace for lunch before returning home.


    Directions to Paynes Prairie State Park: Take I-75 north to exit 382. Bear right on SW Williston Rd. (331). Continue on as it becomes Main St. and then SE Williston Rd. Make a right on SE 4th St. (Chevron Station on corner) and bear left as it becomes SE 21 Ave. and then 22nd Ave. Make a right on SE 15 St. and go about 2.3 miles to where it makes a sharp 90 degree turn to the left. DO NOT FOLLOW THE LEFT HAND CURVE. Instead, GO STRAIGHT onto the little road. We will meet at the gate.

  • Ixia ChapterTLC Saturday

    Ixia Chapter

    TLC Saturday

    8:30 am

    3312 Park Street, Jacksonville FL

    This year we celebration the 5th anniversary of Ixia's adoption of Native Park. Please join us in maintaining this beautiful park.


    Volunteering is a great way to learn about native plants that grow in our area, to get exercise, and to help all the pollinators that depend on these plants to survive.  Did you know that a world without pollinators would be a world without apples, blueberries, strawberries, chocolate (oh no!), almonds, melons, peaches or pumpkins.   


    Native Park was established in 1923 by the Avondale Garden Circle for plant life study and was adopted by our Ixia Chapter In January, 2010 under the City's Friends of the Park program. That designation gives the Chapter a role in the planning, development and care-taking of Native Park.

    Please join us for the final 2015 TLC Saturday, November 14.

    December - no scheduled TLC day.


    Extra tools will be available if you don't have them.

    For additional information contact


  • SeaRocket ChapterEnchanted Forest Garden Workday

    SeaRocket Chapter

    Enchanted Forest Garden Workday

    9:00 am

    Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, Titusville

    Enchanted Forest Garden Workday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This is the time volunteers spend identifing weeds, and exstacting them, trimming spent growth, and seasonally collecting seed for later propigation.

  • Pawpaw ChapterField Trip - Longleaf Pine Preserve

    Pawpaw Chapter

    Field Trip - Longleaf Pine Preserve

    9:00 am

    Longleaf Pine Preserve, Volusia County

    The November field trip will be a walk on the shortest of the trails at the west entrance to Longleaf Pine Preserve.  This is about a one mile loop on a little used trail that can be botanically interesting.  Be prepared for walking in wet, muddy and/or shallow water (hopefully little of this or we can find a way around) areas.

    Meet at the West Entrance to Longleaf Pine PReserve at 9am
    3637 E. New York Ave, DeLand, FL 32724 - N 29.0285674 W 81.1833815

    Carpool from WIlliamson & Granada in Ormond Beach - meet near the Chick-Fil-A at 8:15 am

    New Smyrna, other southerly & west Volusia attendees meet at the preserve or arrange your own carpools.

    Trip Leader: Paul Rebmann 386-290-9381

    Bring water, wear appropriate clothing for the weather - particularly shoes that you do not mind getting wet &/or muddy (just in case).

  • Magnolia ChapterField Trip with Mike Jenkins

    Magnolia Chapter

    Field Trip with Mike Jenkins

    9:00 am

    Lake Talquin State Forest including Bear Creek Educational Forest

    Leader: Mike Jenkins

    Location: Lake Talquin State Forest including Bear Creek Educational Forest

    Field Trip Saturday, November 14th, 2015. 9:00 am.

    Field Trip to Lake Talquin State Forest, including Bear Creek Educational Forest.

    These are botanical hotspots just west of Tallahassee! Bear Creek is known for its Autumn colors, paved “Talking Trees” trail (children love it), and diverse hardwoods. Lake Talquin State Forest has very active restoration and prescribed burning, and is begging to be discovered for its diverse habitats and local, specialized flora. We will visit high-quality Upland Hardwood Forests just beginning to turn colors for Autumn; Sandhills with diverse herbaceous layers including fall blooming species such as Coastalplain Balm, blazing stars, and sunflowers; Upland Pine habitat (a.k.a. “Clayhills”); well-burned Mesic Flatwooods; and, Floodplain Forests along the Ochlockonee River, below the C.H. Corn Hydroelectric (Jackson Bluff) Dam. Lake Talquin boasts a nice wild azalea and Silky Camellia bloom in the Spring and we will visit those sites. Lake Talquin State Forest has a remarkable crew that burn more pyrophytic habitats in the Lightning Season than in the Dormant Season. The nature there is thriving as a result.

    We will be “popping” rare plant hotspots in a giant loop around the forest, starting by going to the north side of Lake Talquin State Forest, then to Bear Creek Educational Forest, then to the south side of Lake Talquin State Forest, along HWY 20, ending up back on Geddie Rd., just a few miles west of Capital Circle NW.

    Secondary meeting point: Let’s meet at 9:00 am at Books-A-Million on Thomasville Road, near 1-10 to carpool. We will have a passenger van that can carry 8 passengers.

    Primary meeting point: Or meet at Lake Talquin State Forest Headquarters, 865 Geddie Rd. (east side of road), Tallahassee, FL 32304, just west of Tallahassee in the main parking lot at 9:30 am.


  • PaynesPrairie ChapterChapter November Field Trip

    PaynesPrairie Chapter

    Chapter November Field Trip

    9:00 am

    Longleaf Ecology And Forestry Society (LEAFS)

    Location: Longleaf Ecology And Forestry Society (LEAFS)
    Trip Leader: Karen Garren

    The Longleaf Ecology And Forestry Society (LEAFS) is a non-profit organization promoting restoration of the once-extensive longleaf pine ecosystems.Two tracts in Alachua County demonstrate forestry operations of prescribed burning, selective harvest, and planting of desired species to integrate timber production with wildlife habitat enhancement, soil and water conservation, and to provide for passive recreation opportunities.

    The Paynes Prairie Chapter of FNPS will be touring the CR 1471 site which, although much altered during the previous century, now features some restored habitat which provides for a variety of native plants. We will be learning about turpentine and cattle grazing use of the site. If time permits, we may also visit the Lake Alto site which borders the lake.

    For carpooling/caravanning, meet at 8:15 at the SW corner parking area of the Publix on 13th Street and 39th Avenue.

    If going directly to the site:
    from Gainesville, go east on Hwy 26,
    at Orange Heights take Hwy 301 north,
    go NE on CR 1471 ½ mile to a small parking area
    and meet Interpretive Guide John Winn at 9:00 am for an approximately 4 hour hike.

    See the November Rhexia for a map.


  • Coontie ChapterGo Native Plant Sale

    Coontie Chapter

    Go Native Plant Sale

    10:00 am

    Quiet Waters Park, 401 S Powerline Rd, Deerfield Beach, FL

    A variety of native plant nurseries and vendors will be displaying and selling plants native to south Florida. Other plants said to be beneficial to butterflies and wildlife will also be sold there. Park entrance fee ($1.50/person over 6 years old, we think). Sale 10am - 2pm.

  • Suncoast ChapterNovember Fieldtrip

    Suncoast Chapter

    November Fieldtrip

    8:30 am

    Rhodine Scrub Preserve is located at 12560 Rhodine Road, Riverview, FL 33569.

    Join us on SUNDAY, November 15, on our fieldtrip to Rhodinbe Scrub to see the endangered Florida Golden Aster in bloom. Note: This fieldtrip is the SUNDAY before the meeting!
    Hopefully the weather will be cooling off for our trip to Rhodine Scrub, a natural area purchased by Hillsborough County through the Jan K. Platt Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) in 1991.   The Preserve consists of 478 acres of natural habitats such as sandhill, pine flatwoods, sand pine scrub, oak hammock, freshwater marshes, and swamp. According to the Hillsborough County Parks website, this preserve has one of the largest populations of the endangered Florida golden aster in the world, so we should see it in bloom.  We may also see Garbaria in bloom.  Nodding pinweed is also present in the preserve.
    Rhodine Scrub Preserve is located at 12560 Rhodine Road, Riverview, FL 33569.

  • Beautyberry ChapterProgram Meeting: What is this Fungus Among Us

    Beautyberry Chapter

    Program Meeting: What is this Fungus Among Us

    2:30 pm

    Trout Lake Nature Center, Eustis

    Dr. Jay Barnhart, mycologist extrordinaire will give us an understanding of the mushroom's lifecycle, introduce us to common and local fungi and will show us how to identify many Florida fungi.  More info in our newsletter.

    Come early at 2 pm for plant exchange, refreshments, library & social.

  • Serenoa ChapterSerenoa Chapter - November General Meeting

    Serenoa Chapter

    Serenoa Chapter - November General Meeting

    7:00 pm

    Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

    Keeping Sanibel Safe

    For years this beautiful island (and Captiva) was up for grabs but citizens, governments and organizations including the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation conserved a major part of its coastal and freshwater habitats. Chris Lechowicz, Director of SCCF’s Wildlife Habitat Management Program will tell us how this miracle was accomplished and where conservation efforts are headed today.   

  • Suncoast ChapterMonthly Meeting

    Suncoast Chapter

    Monthly Meeting

    7:00 pm

    Hillsborough County Extension, 5339 County Rd 579. Seffner

    Learn How to Use the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants with Dr. Alan Franck
    Dr Alan Franck is the Curator of the USF Herbarium and creative mind behind the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants, an online resource for information on the classification and distribution of Florida native plants.  The Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants is a joint effort by the Institute for Systematic Botany, the University of South Florida and the USF Water Institute to provide users with a comprehensive searchable database of vascular plants in the State of Florida.
    With more than 4,200 species of native or naturalized ferns and seed plants, Florida has the third most plant diversity in the country. The Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants is a specimen derived database: All new county records submitted for inclusion in the database must be backed by a voucher specimen deposited in a recognized herbarium.The Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants is an ongoing and dynamic project, dependent on continuous contributions by thousands of botanists and enthusiasts alike. 
    Join us for our monthly meeting at 7 pm, Weds, Nov. 18.  Meetings are held at the Hillsborough County Extension, 5339 County Rd 579, Seffner. (813) 679-5597. Free. Light refreshments.  A plant auction follows the presentation. For more information visit

  • SeaRocket ChapterSea Rocket and Friends Monthly Meeting

    SeaRocket Chapter

    Sea Rocket and Friends Monthly Meeting

    6:30 pm

    Enchanted Forest

    Both Sea Rocket and "The Friends of the Enchanted Forest" will be meeting together this month. Howard E. Ferris will be talking about the natural Florida from the perspective of an active participant in the enjoyment of the natural Florida. 

  • PineLily ChapterNative Plant Insect and bird relationships with Karina Veaudry

    PineLily Chapter

    Native Plant Insect and bird relationships with Karina Veaudry

    6:30 pm

    First United Methodist Church

    Karina Veaudry, RLA of NFC Landscape Architects, Inc. will give a presentation on how native plants relate to insects and birds.

    Karina is the former Executive Director of the Florida Native Plant Society.

    She has 25 years of experience as a Landscape Architect and is licensed in five states.
    Program is free and the public is welcome.

    First United Methodist Church
    101 W. Dakin Av,
    Administration Building 2nd Floor
    Kissimmee FL 34741

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  • Coontie ChapterAn Insect Walk with Ted and Barbara Center

    Coontie Chapter

    An Insect Walk with Ted and Barbara Center

    8:00 am

    Fern Forest, 201 SW 46th Av, Pompano Bch, FL 33063

    A Walk with Ted and Barbara Center Looking at Insects

    Dr. Ted Center is a life-long scientist with many publications on insects and invasive plants. We know them as delightful trail companions who can spot the insects we pass by and who know many interesting and wonderful things about them. Please join us in a rain or shine hunt for bugs. We may spend more time in the meadows and edges of Fern Forest than on the boardwalk. Of course, you can take your time returning through the fern forest and savor the green peace, too. Meet in the parking lot near the entrance to the boardwalk at 8:00 am.

  • Magnolia ChapterSeek & Destroy Invasive Plants in a COT Park

    Magnolia Chapter

    Seek & Destroy Invasive Plants in a COT Park

    9:00 am

    Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park

    9:00am-12:30pm. Get great exercise with hands-on education during these monthly events co-organized by City of Tallahassee together with local chapters of the Florida Native Plant Association, Florida Trail Association, plus Northwest Florida Water Management District, and The Nature Conservancy. During a short hike, participants will first learn from experts about invasive plants and how to ID them, particularly Coral Ardisia (CA), and then help remove many pounds of them. Lunch provided too!  Bring water, bug spray, gloves, and wear shoes appropriate for hiking. Tools provided. For details, CONTACT: Karen Berkley, (850) 570-5740 (can text);; or Eric Mason, (850) 509-5746;

  • Ixia ChapterMembers Only Field Trip: Theodore Roosevelt Area

    Ixia Chapter

    Members Only Field Trip: Theodore Roosevelt Area

    9:00 am

    13165 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Jacksonville, FL

    Theodore Roosevelt Area, Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve, USNPS. Park phone # 904-641-7155.

    Please note: Due to narrow trails, this hike is for Ixia members only.

    Hike Leader: Jake Ingram.

    Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult (one fairly steep 80’ vertical climb).

    On-site Meeting Time:  9:00 a.m. at Eastern-most trail head parking area.  It’s a one lane dirt road just east of the Park Headquarters on Mt. Pleasant Rd.  Keep eyes open, easy to miss.  

    End Time:  Approx. 11:30 a.m. 

    Description:  The Theodore Roosevelt Area offers visitors the chance to enjoy the solitude of wilderness within the confines of a large metropolitan area. From an ecological standpoint, this site literally has it all and rarely is there evidence that one is in the midst of a big city.  Nine distinct ecosystems have been identified within the 592-acre Theodore Roosevelt area and the trip will traverse them all.  If you’ve not been here before it’s a ‘Must See’.

    Beginning at the eastern-most parking area nestled in the woods near the park headquarters, the trail winds through a mature maritime forest passing by the former home site of Willie Brown.  William Henry Browne III lived on the land that is today known as the Theodore Roosevelt Area. Willie spent his whole life here, and the foundations of his cabin stand as a testament to the gift he gave to future visitors. Willie gave his property to the Nature Conservancy for preservation and in1990, the land became a part of the National Park Service.

    The trail continues east past Willie’s home-site out to the Round Marsh overlook where the surrounding  salt marsh vegetation is home to many avian species, so bring binoculars.  From there the trail reverses to the northwest hugging the marsh-side edge of a vast, centuries-old shell midden that was essentially the sanitary land-fill for generations of Timucuan Indians.  The sheer size and elevation of the midden provide impressive views across marsh grasses to the St. Johns River and its estuaries.  Snowberry, Wild Coffee, Swamp Privet and Oxeye Daisy are common in the understory while Hickory, Red Cedar, Sand Live Oak, Hackberry and Cabbage Palm fill out the canopy. The trail abruptly ascends the eighty foot-high midden and transitions into a west-facing slope of sand hill scrub vegetation including Sand Live Oak, Myrtle Oak, Florida Rosemary, Shiny Blueberry. The trail then loops back to the parking area where we’ll end the trip and and count our blessings to have such a spectacular natural area in our own back yards.

    RE: Willie Brown:

    Hiking Guide and Trail Map:


  • Serenoa ChapterSerenoa Chapter - November Field Trip

    Serenoa Chapter

    Serenoa Chapter - November Field Trip

    9:30 am

    Sanibel/Captiva Conservation Foundation and Ding Darling Preserve, Lee County

    Led by Chris Lechowicz we’ll walk SCCF’s restorations along the Sanibel River, then visit the native plant nursery, picnic in the park and in the afternoon take a driving tour (with stops) through world-famous Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Lots of fall wildflowers to see throughout the day!  

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  • Dade ChapterMonthly Meeting

    Dade Chapter

    Monthly Meeting

    7:30 pm

    Pinecrest Gardens

    Pinecrest Gardens

    11000 SW 57 Avenue (Red Road)

    Free and open to the public

  • TheVillages ChapterNative Plants at Silver Springs State Park

    TheVillages Chapter

    Native Plants at Silver Springs State Park

    1:30 pm

    Big Cypress Recreation Center

    Jeff Kneisley
    Park Services Specialist
    Silver Springs State Park

    Jeff will explain how Silver Springs State Park has been installing many new native plants this spring and is working with other partners to add more natives to gardens. In addition to the gardens, we also have garden workshops, volunteer opportunities, guided hikes and special events will encompass native plants. Silver Springs State Park is a high visibility state park with a history of gardens from the private attraction era.

    We welcome guests to come and see what our local society chapter is doing. FNPS membership forms and dues are accepted at the meeting or you can join online at

    Regular Monthly Meeting

    Day: November 27, 2015
    Time: 1:30 to 3:00 pm
    Location:Big Cypress Recreation Center 3110 Hendry Drive, The Villages, Florida. 32163

    Get Google directions to Big Cypress Recreation Center

  • Mangrove ChapterField Trip

    Mangrove Chapter

    Field Trip

    9:00 am

    Casperson Beach, 4100 Harbor Dr, Venice, FL

  • Serenoa ChapterThanksgiving Weekend Field Trip

    Serenoa Chapter

    Thanksgiving Weekend Field Trip

    9:00 am

    Myakka River State Park

    A walk on the prairie through Martin’s Gate.

    Directions: From I75 take Exit 105, Clark Road, Route 72 east for nine miles to Myakka River State Park. Register your hike at the Ranger Station. Drive back out onto Route 72, turn left and go 2 1/2 miles to Martin's Gate on the left  You can park at the entrance. 

  • Coontie ChapterBig Cypress National Preserve: Loop Road

    Coontie Chapter

    Big Cypress National Preserve: Loop Road

    9:30 am

    Loop Road, Big Cypress National Preserve

    A joint field trip hosted by the Dade Chapter:

    Sunday, November 29, 2015, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: Loop Road (Big Cypress National Preserve). 

    What better way to end this weekend than by enjoying and being thankful for nature?  We will drive along the east end (with a good surface), stopping to delve into pinelands and perhaps other habitats.  We expect to be dry, but there might be opportunities for wet feet (which you can skip).

      Directions: Take US-41 (Tamiami Trail) west to the 40-mile bend, 21.5 miles from Krome Avenue, 4 miles past Shark Valley.  Turn left and meet near the intersection.

      Bring/wear: Water, sun protection, long pants, closed shoes that can get wet (if you want), bug spray (just in case), lunch to picnic afterward.  A walking stick might help off trails.

      Difficulty: Easy (if you stay near the road) or Moderate.  May be off trails; open, sunny; possible wet feet.  Short distances.

      Late/lost? Try Patty's cell, 305-878-5705 (no guarantees!)

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