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Volunteers Burned at Oakland Nature Preserve

July 11, 2017

Did that headline get your attention?  Did you think this would be yet another sad news story?  No bad news here!  Nearly 20 volunteers spent Saturday, July 8th assisting a professional fire crew with a prescribed burn at Oakland Nature Preserve in Oakland, Florida. 

Prescribed fire is a vital management tool for Florida’s fire-adapted plant communities.  Historically, the now imperilled Sandhill community burned about every 2-4 years and many species of plants, birds, insects, and reptiles have adapted to this fire regime.  In fact, many plants won’t produce adequate or viable seeds unless they have been exposed to fire.  Those seeds are not only key to future survival of plant species themselves, but are an important food source for birds and other wildlife.

How do you spend your weekends?  If you don’t already volunteer at a local preserve, you should consider lending a hand.  It is a deeply rewarding experience knowing that your actions can make a real difference in the preservation and conservation of our natural lands!

Or click here to watch the video of the prescribed fire at Oakland Nature Preserve on UTube