FNPS is one of the few organizations actively supporting research for conservation of Florida's native plants.

We are proud to have sponsored research that will assist in best managing our unique species and ecosystems. We are also proud to have assisted many young ecologists in their doctoral and masters projects.

Special Projects

Blazing Star (Liatris) Culture
In 2010, FNPS received funding from the Wildflower Foundation to sponsor research on propagation of blazing star. FNPS issued a request for proposal, and the research is currently being conducted.

Research Grants

FNPS annually provides grants for research leading to the conservation of Florida native plants. These grants are funded through donations from our Endowment Fund, from our general membership fees, and from targeted donations from individuals and chapters. Grants are provided based on funding available and on the quality of applications received.

The list below lists the most recent projects that we have funded. Click here for a full list of Endowment Grant recipients.

Propagation and testing of putatively canker-resistant Florida torreya (Torreya taxifolia), a critically endangered conifer of the Apalachicola River region.
Jason A. Smith (University of Florida, School of Forest Resources & Conservation, 2013)
Determining ploidal diversity in two varieties of Dicerandra immaculata and the influence on spatial distribution.
Matthew Richardson (U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, 2013)
Species delimination of the endangered Fuschs bromeliad (Guzmania monostachia L.): Integrating environmental niche modeling and next-generation phylogenetics.
Ryan Moraski (University of Florida, Gainesville and Florida Museum of Natural History, 2013)