Committee Chair:   Ron Blair


Committee Function

The Landscape Committee is responsible for providing resources for the landscape industry / landscape architects / landscape designers, reviewing applications for the annual FNPS landscape awards, assisting in the revision of city and county landscape, tree and fertilizer ordinances and advocating for the planting of native plants in our communities by producing selection, planting and maintenance guidelines for citizens and business owners

The FNPS Landscape Committee strives to position the Florida Native Plant Society as a leader in the landscape industry by fostering a coalition of volunteers and organizations to achieve:

  • Protection for native plants and native plant communities,
  • Best management practices for native plant selection, maintenance and restoration, Increased use of native plants in the built landscape.
  • Increased resources for the landscape industry, government staff and citizens of Florida and Protection, conservation and restoration of native plants and native plant communities.

Model Landscape Ordinance


Volunteer needs include:

  • Landscape award promotions, applications review, and publicity
  • Writing grades and standards for native plants
  • Speaker Bureau participation
  • Meeting with city and county staff to provide resources and expertise 
  • Designing example landscape plans for various light and soil conditions
  • Assisting with Landscape Committee projects

Resources for Committee Members

Landscape Committee Projects