Land Management Partners

committee image

Review team on land review in 2013 at Cape Florida.

Photo by Richard Brownscombe

Committee Chair:   Grace Howell

Committee Members:
  • Ray Jarrett
  • Danny Young
  • Anne Cox
  • Wendy Poag
  • Patricia Burgos
  • Linda Deuver
  • Gail Fishman
  • Guy Anglin
  • John Pospisil


Committee Function

FDEP Land Management Reviews

The Land Management Partners committee works with the FDEP's Division of State Lands on state mandated land management reviews. The reviews are conducted by the State of Florida on lands that were purchased with public conservation funds such as P2000 and Florida Forever.  Each property greater than 1000 acres has an on-the-ground review every 5 years and a review and update for the management plan every 10 years. As an NGO, FNPS participates as a team member in the Conservation position. FNPS provides ecological expertise that assists the state in management according to the purpose in which the lands were purchased and is one of the ways that FNPS promotes the preservation and conservation of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.
FNPS members served on 27/29 or 93% of FDEP LMRs for the fiscal year 2017-2018. We strive to maintain 100% FNPS participation on these important on-the-ground land reviews. Participants, please fill out the Volunteer Reporting form after the Land Review and send to Grace Howell, The FNPS participation in the Management Reviews and Evaluation Process is outlined at this Link. 
Get Involved! The 2018-2019 FDEP Land Management Review Schedule is Available at

Join us on a FDEP Land Management Review Team: Upcoming Reveiws are shown on a map and the list of reviews by date is below the map. Click on "Upcoming Reviews" at upper left on this page to open the Map. Or click on the 2018-19 Schedule.  Land Reviews provide wonderful opportunities to meet land managers from a variety of state lands and assist with management goals, assuring that our state lands are being managed for the purpose for which they were purchased.  These are our state lands and we can be part of an eight member team participating in a full day of on-the-ground field reviews and a half-day of evaluation

10 year Management Plan Reviews:  through FDEP (State Parks and Preserves), Florida Forest Service (FFS) on State Forests and Florida Wildlife Conservation Commissions (FWCC) Wildlife Management Areas.  Please contact us and get on the LMP Distribution list as notices for Plan Reviews are sent out periodically from the various agencies throughout the year. We will notify FNPS Members on our list of the dates and times for these meetings and Public Notices.

Water Management Districts

Join us on a SJRWMD, SWWMD or SWFWMD Land Review. These land reviews are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Get on the FNPS LMP land review mailing list for notifications for these reviews. These reviews are a full day for both on-the-ground and evaluation. Please contact us by clicking on the "Join Us" Button upper left.


We are writing articles for the Palmetto about FNPS participation on the Land Reviews. These articles  feature the state land, whether a State Park (FDEP), State Forest (FFS) or Wildlife Management Area (FWCC).  Articles include the History and highlights about special habitats and listed plant and animal species on our state lands. We ask reviewers to please take high resolution photos and send to us with captions and a short article that will inspire other FNPS members and Chapters to schedule field trips and visit these lands.

As of February 2014, Florida has a Total of  4,868,221 acres in state managed non-submerged lands and 9,405,085 acres that include State, Federal and Local managed lands.  Please visit Florida Natural Areas Inventory at and click on Conservation Lands Summary 2014 Report for more information.


Participate in public comments on management plans as an FNPS representative

  • Serve on FDEP Land Management Review teams
  • Serve on St John's River Water Management Review teams
  • Serve on South West Florida Water Management Review teams
  • Serve on Water Management Stakeholders groups
  • Assist with Management Plan writing and review
  • Assist with state lands volunteer programs
  • Serve on state lands Liaison Committees


Resources for Committee Members

Land Management Plan Links:

Please note that the Florida Division of Forestry has been changed to the Florida Forest Service. We also added management plans for the Office of Greenways and Trails and the Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas. Coming soon are the other three Water Management Districts

Land Management Partners Committee Reports

Reports to Executive Committee and BOD