2018 Fieldtrip

 Hole In the Donut

in Everglades National Park

Leaders: Steve Woodmansee, biologist and owner of Pro Native Consulting

Day: Sunday

Start Time at Site: 9:00 AM

End Time at Site: 12:00 PM

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Lunch Included? No

Handicap Access: No

Cost: $7 + Nat'l Park Entrance Fee (see below)

The Hole-In-The-Donut (HID) within Everglades National Park is found on and just south of Long Pine Key.  After we meet at the Coe Visitor Center, we will drive to the HID. It will be accessed along Research Road near the Daniel Beard Research Center. Plan to drive and park along the road side. We will make more than one stop to observe how the area has changed over time, and will hike in a bit to look at plants and wildlife. Plan on hiking 1-2 miles total. It may be muddy in places, so wear sturdy shoes. It will not be as rough as some places in the Everglades as the HID has been scraped.

Fee: $7 + National Park Entrance Fee for a private vehicle without a National Park pass is $25. Carpooling in advance or at the Coe Visitor Center gathering point are options. There is a Meet-up Board at the Conference Registration tables where you might be able to arrange carpooling in advance.

What to bring: Long pants and athletic shoes recommended; wear shoes you don't mind getting wet or muddy (just in case). Wear a hat and sunscreen. Bring water (facilities are a 20 minute drive away from where we will be). Bug spray is recommended. Bring a lunch if you would like to picnic with others afterward at Long Pine Key.

Directions to gathering point at Coe Visitor Center, 40001 State Hwy 9336, Homestead, FL 33034*: Take Krome Avenue (or US1) south through Homestead and Florida City to SW 344 St; turn right and continue west to SW 192 Avenue (look for "Robert Is Here" fruit stand; turn left and continue south to Highway 9336 (look for the state prison); turn right and continue to Everglades National Park; take the first angled right to the Ernest Coe Visitor Center.

There are many other trails available to hike if you decide to spend the rest of the day in the park on your own or with friends.

*Note: Click link (gathering point address above) for real-time directions from your location using Google Maps. If you would like to view directions from the Miccosukee Resort, enter the starting point as 500 SW 177th Ave, Miami, FL  33194. By allowing more time than you think is required, you can make your ride there more relaxing.

GPS Location: 25.39544 -80.58394 (location of orange pin V on website map is offset for visibility; use Directions to gather point above or GPS Location)

Download Information Sheet: InfoSheet V