2022 Fieldtrip

  Sample Field Trip

Leader(s): TBD
Day: Sunday
Start Time at Site: 9:00 AM
End Time at Site: 11:00 AM
Difficulty: Easy
Lunch Included? No
Handicap Access: Yes
Cost: TBD

Click on a green plus to add each field trip.

We recommend picking a symbol color for each field trip day, not random colors

We also recommend assigning Thursday trips starting with A and working forward through the alphabet

We recommend assigning Sunday trips starting with Z and working backward through the alphabit

This allows up to 26 trips -- we have never had more than that, usually less

Put the marker at the exact spot where you want people to meet -- in the parking lot is ideal.  Do not expect addresses to get people to the right place (those are typically mailing addresses or addresses for a park office).  CHECK them by zooming in on the map after creating the trip.  The map will size and position itself as you add the field trips and it gets progressively better as you add the trips.  If the map goes nuts, you likely forgot to put in the location, or you put it on the wrong side of the world.

Plan on putting a map and detailed driving instructions onto an info sheet which participants can download.  Usually posted the week before the conference.

Starting in 2018, there was no gathering point, so start time at the gathering point and finish at the gathering point are not being displayed.  If this needs to change, it will require a minor program alteration.