Welcome and Social Event

Friday Night - Welcome and Live Game

Join us for Plant Tree-via

Tree-via is a trivia game with a plant twist.  Tree-via is a mainstay of holiday party socials at the Cuplet Fern Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society.  Topics and the style of the game vary from year to year, but it remains an entertaining game-based learning approach.  For the first time, Tree-via will be offered at the annual FNPS conference in a similar form to Jeopardy! - a nod and homage to the late Alex Trebek (and to Walter Taylor who has led many games of Jeopardy at past FNPS conferences).  All participants on Friday night are welcomed to attend and casually test their knowledge in Tree-via - learning something new and interesting not just about plants, but also about FNPS along the way.  Counting points is not as important as having fun and casually enjoying and participating in the online experience.  Small prizes will be awarded to players that answer clues.  Try something amusing and different at Friday night's conference with Tree-via!