EcoAction Alert

Let's get HB 1079 moving!

Release Date: 2024-02-03
Action Deadline: 2024-02-08

Saltwater intrusion is a serious threat to the many native plants that inhabit our estuaries, springs, rivers, wetlands, and other coastal ecosystems. Help advance a bill that would help address this threat - but has stalled in the House of Representatives and must be scheduled for a hearing by Thursday, February 8.

Please take a moment to email or telephone Representative Thad Altman, Chair of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee, and ask him to schedule HB 1079 for a hearing. We have passed the midpoint of the 2024 Legislative Session and bills that do not advance soon will be shelved. That will be the unfortunate fate of HB 1079, entitled Coastal Construction and Assessments, if it is not scheduled for a hearing by Thursday, February 8.

HB 1079 has already been approved by the Agriculture, Conservation and Resiliency Subcommittee. The measure has also advanced through hearings by the Senate.

Let Representative Altman know that:

  • Florida has already made a substantial investment in protecting our coastline by creating the Resilient Florida Grant Program, which awards more than $100 million in grants annually to help local governments make their coastal areas more resilient to the impacts of sea level rise.

  • HB 1079 would expand the scope of the Resilient Grants Program by allowing local governments to use grant funds to conduct saltwater intrusion vulnerability assessments.

  • Although the assessments would focus primarily on the vulnerability of public water supply sources, coastal wetlands, springs and estuaries are similarly vulnerable to the impacts of saltwater intrusion associated with sea level rise and coastal flooding, and would benefit from a better understanding of the future scope of saltwater intrusion.

  • The legislation would also require the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to update the statewide flood vulnerability and sea level rise data, and to make the information about vulnerability to saltwater intrusion available to the public.

  • HB 1079 is an important “next step” toward understanding and addressing the impacts of sea level rise and intensified coastal flooding.

Please contact Representative Altman at, or by phone at (850)717-5032. It would be especially helpful for members who reside in Representative Altman’s Brevard County district to express support for this legislation. You can also contact other members of the subcommittee using the contact information below.

Shane Abbott: (850) 717-5005 DeFuniak Springs

Melody Bell: (850) 717-5049 Polk County

Dean Black: (850) 717-5015 Nassau and Duval Co.

Adam Botana: (850) 717-5080 Collier and Lee Co.

James Buchanan: (850) 717-5074 Sarasota County

Hillary Cassel: (850) 717-5101 Broward County

Kevin Chambliss: (850) 717-5117 Miami-Dade County

Lindsay Cross: (850) 717-5060 Pinellas County

Peggy Gossett-Seidman: (850) 717-5091 Palm Beach

Dianne Hart: (850) 717-5063 Hillsborough Co.

Sam Killebrew: (850) 717-5048 Polk County

Johanna Lopez: (850) 717-5043 Orange County

Tobin Overdorf: (850) 717-5085 Martin and St Lucie Co.

Keith Truenow: (850) 717-5026 Lake County