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Update on Pine Rocklands Restoration

There is great news from the Pine Rockland restoration site at Zoo Miami that was funded by a 2016 conservation grant from the Florida Native Plant Society.  Five federally endangered Bartram's hairstreak butterflies were seen at the restoration site on June 28, 2017.  Check out the video below to watch a female laying her eggs on this butterfly’s hostplant, Pineland Croton (Croton linearis) at the restoration site!  Both Bartram's hairstreak and Pineland Croton are native to south Florida and SE Florida respectively.  It is so gratifying to document successful restoration efforts!

Video of female Bartram's hairstreak laying her eggs

Thank you again to our generous donors who made this grant possible:

·       Dade Chapter - in honor of Joyce and Don Gann

·       Tarflower Chapter – in honor of Dick Deuerling

·       Suncoast Chapter

·       Sarracenia Chapter

·       Pinellas Chapter

·       Nature Coast Chapter

·       Sea Rocket Chapter

·       Annie Schmidt