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News Posted 10-05-2021

Buy Your Florida Native License Plate Voucher

Show your support for FNPS by buying a voucher for our license plate.

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

Your financial support helps fund: 

  • Support for conservation land acquisition
  • Participation in land management that enhances habitat suitability for native plants, wildlife, and beneficial insects.
  • Education about our native species and landscapes
  • Public policies that protect our native flora, especially rare species
  • Supporting legislation to protect our natural lands and native plants.
  • Research on native plant species
  • Encouragement of local landscaping practices and policies that preserve Florida's native plant heritage
  • Information about native plants and native plant communities, and how we can help protect our natural resources and wildlife in urban environments.
FNPS is a member-driven non-profit organization.  We rely upon our members and other generous donors.

You can pre-order your license plate voucher in one of two ways:

  1. Contact your local tax collector’s office; or

  2. Click on the link below, and you can order a voucher for yourself or a friend.  It will be delivered by the Escambia County tax collector's office.

Order Now

Questions?  Whether you have purchased a voucher or are still thinking about it, check out this helpful website:

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News Posted 23-12-2021

Important New Policy Brief on Lethal Bronzing of Palms

Important Policy Brief from University of Florida Biology undergrad Shruti Jadala and Professor Jack Putz on Lethal Bronzing Disease. This introduced disease is sperad by a native leafhopper and it is killing native palms across Florida. Please read and share.

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News Posted 14-09-2020

Friday Lunch and Learn Schedule

Members of the Florida Native Plant Society are able to attend our live Lunch and Learns every Friday at noon and access our archive of 62 past Lunch and Learns.

How to Watch 

The links to both past and upcoming Lunch and Learns are in your email inbox in our Monday Lunch and Learn update email and in the Sabal minor.

Not a member of FNPS? Join today and send us an email to get the link - use the email link below this news item.

Upcoming Lunch and Learns:

1/14/22 The Caterpillar Connection with Deborah Green

Public Lunch and Learn Archive

[YouTube Playlist]

Juliet Rynear's Companion Planting with Native Plants

Brian Bahder, PhD's Lethal Bronzing Disease of Palms

Karina Veaudry's Native Landscape Design Series

Martha Pessaro's Save the Bromeliads Conservation Program

Marjorie Shropshire's Learn About Living Shorelines

Patti Anderson, PhD's Wicked Plants

Andee Naccarato's 10 Native "Weeds" for 20 Butterflies

Edwin Bridges' The Ecological Flora of Florida

Kevan McClelland's The Bluecurls of Florida - the Genus Trichostema

Lilly Anderson-Messec and Ashlynn Smith's The TorreyaKeepers Program

Dr. Patti Anderson's EVERYTHING You always wanted to know about protecting Florida's Endangered plants (or at least, how the state tries to protect them)

Dr. Patti Anderson's Some Like It HOT —Hot spots of endangered plant species in Florida

Scott Ward's The Sedges of Florida

Jennifer Elliott's Prescribed Fire at the University of Central Florida Arboretum

Kirsten Sharp-Ortega's ​​DIY Pollinator Garden in a Pot

Lilly Anderson-Messec's Florida’s Carnivorous Plants

Eugene Kelly's Action Lunch and Learn - It's time to free the Ocklawaha River

Pamela Adam's Yard Tour - 2021 Residential Landscape Award of Merit

Andre Naranjo, PhD's Dicerandra: The Genus, The Myth, The Legend

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News Posted 17-06-2021

Evening FNPS After Hours Schedule

Members of the Florida Native Plant Society are able to attend our live Lunch and Learns every Friday at noon and access our archive of forty-two past Lunch and Learns. How to Watch  FNPS After Hours are broadcast on our YouTube Channel and can be found on this playlist. Upcoming FNPS After…

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