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2023 FNPS Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Membership will be held on June 17, 2023 from 10-11:30am EST.  It will be on YouTube just like the Lunch and Learns.  A link is below, was emailed to all members on May 27, is on the members-only Facebook group, and is on the calendar.

This is the opportunity for all members to catch up on the major events of 2022, learn who the very deserving Palmetto award winners are, who is getting a Conservation or Research grant, and to vote on incoming Board Members!

Please take the time to review the agenda and the minutes from last year's meeting.

We will be voting on new Board members; each "membership" gets one vote. So, if you have a business or non-profit membership or a multi-member membership, select who will make your vote ahead of time. The slate of nominees will be published well ahead of the meeting so that you can review their bios and statements and be well prepared for the meeting.


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          2023 Meeting Agenda

          2022 Minutes

News Posted 25-05-2023