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Friday Lunch and Learn Schedule

Members of the Florida Native Plant Society are able to attend our live Lunch and Learns every Friday at noon and access our archive of 102 past Lunch and Learns.

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Upcoming Lunch and Learns:

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Public Lunch and Learn Archive

[YouTube Playlist]

Juliet Rynear: Companion Planting with Native Plants

Brian Bahder, PhD: Lethal Bronzing Disease of Palms

Karina Veaudry: Native Landscape Design Series

Martha Pessaro: Save the Bromeliads Conservation Program

Marjorie Shropshire: Learn About Living Shorelines

Patti Anderson, PhD: Wicked Plants

Andee Naccarato: 10 Native "Weeds" for 20 Butterflies

Edwin Bridges: The Ecological Flora of Florida

Kevan McClelland: The Bluecurls of Florida - the Genus Trichostema

Lilly Anderson-Messec and Ashlynn Smith: The TorreyaKeepers Program

Dr. Patti Anderson: EVERYTHING You always wanted to know about protecting Florida's Endangered plants (or at least, how the state tries to protect them)

Dr. Patti Anderson: Some Like It HOT —Hot spots of endangered plant species in Florida

Scott Ward: The Sedges of Florida

Jennifer Elliott: Prescribed Fire at the University of Central Florida Arboretum

Kirsten Sharp-Ortega: ​​DIY Pollinator Garden in a Pot

Lilly Anderson-Messec: Florida’s Carnivorous Plants

Eugene Kelly: Action Lunch and Learn - It's time to free the Ocklawaha River

Pamela Adam: Yard Tour - 2021 Residential Landscape Award of Merit

Andre Naranjo, PhD: Dicerandra: The Genus, The Myth, The Legend

Deborah Green: The Caterpillar Connection

Valerie Anderson: How I Do the Lunch and Learns

Christine Krebs: What's the Deal with Florida's Invasives

Barbara McAdam: Creating Rain Gardens, Bioswales and Ponds: Soak up the Rain in your Garden

Hernando Chapter: Wings in the Garden 2021 at Nature Coast Botanical Gardens

Tia Silvasy: Native Plants for Freshwater Shorelines

Valerie Anderson: DIY Historical Ecology Part 2: General Land Office Surveys

Gabriel Campbell, PhD: Propagation & Restoration of Sandhill Milweed / Asclepias humistrata

Lilly Anderson-Messec: Nectar plants for monarch butterflies with Lilly Anderson-Messec

Margaret Spontak: The Great Florida Riverway Florida Native Plant Month Series, Introduction to the Rivers

Tom Hoctor: The Great Florida Riverway Florida Native Plant Month Series, Ocklawaha Restoration and the Corridor

Casey Fitzgerald, Steve Walsh, and Kimberleigh Dinkins: The Great Florida Riverway Florida Native Plant Month Series - Ocklawaha's Water & Aquatic Wildlife

Eugene Kelly: Policy & Legislation Update November 2022: 2023 Legislative Session Preview

Valerie Anderson: Interview with Hector Prez

Valerie Anderson and Lynda Davis: Interview with Peter Kleinhenz

Lynda Davis and Mark Kateli: 100th Lunch and Learn Episode: In the Weeds

Valerie Anderson: Native Bromeliads of Central Florida

Valerie Anderson: How to mount native airplants


News Posted 14-09-2020