Nuphar advena

cowlily, spatterdock


Synonyms:  Nuphar lutea

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Plant Specifics

Form: aquatic
Life Span: long-lived perennial
Flower Color: flower color      yellow
Phenology: winter dormant
Noted for: Showy flowers, interesting foliage


Recommended Uses: Water gardens and ponds.
Considerations: This species can become overly dense and completely cover small ponds. Recommended for edges of larger ponds/lakes or streams, or where one wants a green surface (stormwater pond).
Propagation: From pieces of underwater stems.
Availability: Specialty providers, Friends
Light: light requirement   light requirement  
Moisture Tolerance:
Salt Tolerance: Not salt tolerant
Soil or other substrate: Sand, loam, organic material (muck)


Provides structure for fish, frogs, etc. in aquatic settings.
Native Habitats: Marshes, ponds, swamps, rivers, streams.

Distribution and Planting Zones

Natural Range in Florida

USDA Zones:

USDA zones are based on minimum winter temperatures

Suitable to grow in:

Other Comments:

Not frequently seen for sale, but readily available from plant fragments. Used in wetland restoration.