Poinsettia cyathophora



Synonyms:  Cyathophora picta

wildlife plant  


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Plant Specifics

Form: flower
Life Span: annual
Size: Height: 2.0 to 3.0 ft    Width: 1.0 to 2.0 ft
Flower Color: flower color   flower color      yellow,green
Phenology: winter dormant
Noted for: Showy flowers, interesting foliage


Considerations: Poinsettia cyathophora can be quite aggressive at times invading potted plants
Propagation: From herbaceous stem cuttings. Readily self-seeds. From seed.
Availability: Friends
Light: light requirement   light requirement  
Moisture Tolerance:
Soil or other substrate: Sand
Soil pH Range: 6.1 to 7.8


wildlife plant  
Native Habitats: Hammocks, pinelands, disturbed areas.

Distribution and Planting Zones

Natural Range in Florida

USDA Zones:

USDA zones are based on minimum winter temperatures

Suitable to grow in:

Other Comments:

There are colorful bracts surrounding the flower head.