Books on Florida Native Plants and Ecology

Recommended books about native plants, native plant communities, and the creatures that depend on them
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Butterflies and Pollinators

Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies in Tropical Florida: A Companion for Gardeners

Attracting Native Pollinators: The Xerces Society Guide, Protecting North America

Florida Butterfly Caterpillars and Their Host Plants

Butterflies of Florida Field Guide (Our Nature Field Guides)

Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening: A Guide for the Deep South

Florida Butterfly Gardening: A Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Butterflies

Gardening for Florida’s Butterflies

Ecosystems and Plant Communities




Forgotten Grasslands of the South

Everglades Handbook

Florida Rivers

Priceless Florida: Natural Ecosystems and Native Species

Ecosystems of Florida

Human Uses of Plants (Ethnobotany, food plants, medicinal plants, etc.)


Florida Ethnobotany

Landscaping and Gardening

Native Plants for Florida Gardens

A Step-by-step Guide to a Florida Native Yard

Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes

The Art of Maintaining a Florida Native Landscape

Native Florida Plants for Drought- and Salt-Tolerant Landscaping

Principles of Ecological Landscape Design

Native Wildflowers and Other Ground Covers for Florida Landscapes

Native Plant Landscaping for Florida’s Wildlife

Best Native Plants for Southern Gardens (Not for planting zones 10 & 11)

Sustainable Gardening for Florida

Natural Florida Landscaping

The Right Plants for Dry Places

Native Florida Plants: Low Maintenance Landscaping and Gardening

Florida’s Best Native Landscape Plants: 200 Readily Available Species for Homeowners and Professionals

Landscaping for Florida’s Wildlife: Re-creating Native Ecosystems in Your Yard

Plant Identification and Taxonomy

Flora of Florida, Volume V: Dicotyledons, Gisekiaceae through Boraginaceae

Complete Guide to Florida Wildflowers: Over 600 Wildflowers of the Sunshine State including National Parks, Forests, Preserves, and More than 160 State Parks

Flora of Florida, Volume IV: Dicotyledons, Combretaceae through Amaranthaceae

Everglades Wildflowers: A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Historic Everglades, including Big Cypress, Corkscrew, and Fakahatchee Swamps

Flora of Florida, Volume III: Dicotyledons, Vitaceae through Urticaceae

Native Bromeliads of Florida

Central Florida Wildflowers: A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Lake Wales Ridge, Ocala National Forest, Disney Wilderness Preserve, and More than 60

Flora of Florida, Volume II: Dicotyledons, Cabombaceae through Geraniaceae

Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide

Trees of Florida

Botanical Keys to Florida’s Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines

Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida (3rd edition)

Wildflowers of Florida and the Southeast

Wildflowers of Florida Field Guide

A Guide to Florida Grasses

The Seaweeds of Florida

Wild Orchids of Florida: With References to the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains

Atlantic Coastal Plain Wildflowers: A Guide to Common Wildflowers of the Coastal Regions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Northeastern Florida (Wildflower Series)

Florida Keys Wildflowers: A Guide to the Common Wildflowers of the Florida Keys

Flora of Florida, Volume I: Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms

The Ferns of Florida: A Reference and Field Guide

The Shrubs and Woody Vines of Florida: A Reference and Field Guide

Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Northern Florida and Adjacent Georgia and Alabama

Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Southeastern United States: Dicotyledons


Exploring Florida’s Botanical Wonders: A Guide to Ancient Trees, Unique Flora, and Wildflower Walks


Native Plant Landscaping for Florida’s Wildlife

Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Garden

Landscaping for Florida’s Wildlife: Re-creating Native Ecosystems in Your Yard


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