Logos and Logo Use Policy

The logos of the Florida Native Plant Society are FNPS copyrighted and may only be used by those who adhere to the rules below or who have received prior written permission from FNPS for a specific use. This permission is usually granted based on a shared initiative or special relationship, and requires a specific FNPS approval. Uses in conflict with the guidance below require specific permission and will only be granted for specific, society-approved uses.

Allowable Uses

  • The FNPS logo can be used on any FNPS chapter webpage or printed product such as but not limited to newsletter, t-shirt, plant tag, or display.
  • The FNPS logo can be used by FNPS committees in support of their work.
  • The FNPS logo can be used by non-FNPS entities to represent our organization in a positive manner. Any use of the FNPS logo on a non-FNPS website must embed a link to the FNPS website: http://www.fnps.org

Uses That Are Not Allowed

  • The FNPS logo cannot be used by any third party to imply FNPS endorsement without the express permission of FNPS.
  • The FNPS logo cannot be used by any third party to imply that that party is in any way connected to FNPS without express permission of FNPS.
  • The FNPS logo cannot be used to defame FNPS, its name, its mission, or its actions.

Logo Use Rules

  • Use only logo files downloaded from this FNPS web site or received directly from FNPS. Do not recreate the logo.
  • The logo may not be altered, modified, or obscured in any way. Colors are not to be changed. It must be used without disturbing or distorting its proportions or otherwise altering the impression it creates.
  • Background colors or patterns should never show through interior of the logo.
  • The logo must stand on its own as a distinct graphic element. It should stand out from the background.
  • Please start with the logo version created for the designated application/medium. Choose the most appropriate size logo for your project.
  • Resize the logo only in its entirety so that it is always legible, clear, and without distortion.
  • Raster versions of the logo should only be decreased in size, not increased. The vector version can be increased in size.
  • When used online, the logo must include a hyperlink to http://www.fnps.org.
  • Black and white and gray scale versions of the logo should be used only when the color version cannot be used.

Logo Versions

The logo is available in versions suited to internet uses and print. Appropriate uses are indicated in the table. Raster versions are provided in multiple sizes. The sizes are given in pixels, and can be used as-is for use on websites. For print, the size you get will be determined by your print resolution -- if for example, your print resolution is 300 dpi, then divide the number of pixels by 300 to get the size in inches. You are encouraged to use the most appropriate size. Do not enlarge raster logos! If you need a large raster logo, please contact FNPS for guidance. Vector versions are provided, but you will need an appropriate program to use them.

By downloading the logos, you agree that you will adhere to the FNPS logo use rules and guidelines above.

    Recommended uses
Click the Link to download Email Websites Microsoft
Graphics Rescale
100x75px, jpg, white background
Yes Yes      
197x147px, jpg, white background
Yes Yes      
50x50px, jpg, transparent background
  Yes Yes    
110x82px, jpg, transparent background
  Yes Yes    
197x147px, jpg, transparent background
  Yes Yes    
pdf, rescalable, vector graphics,
embedded Illustrator profile
      Yes Yes
Adobe Photoshop, rescalable but not without loss,
transparent background
      Yes down
Adobe Illustrator, vector graphics
      Yes Yes
svg, vector graphics
  Yes   Yes Yes

If you need a special purpose logo, PLEASE contact us so that you get one appropriate to your use.