Content Use

The content of this website is contributed by FNPS employees and volunteers for the specific purpose of forwarding the mission of FNPS.

Use of Text

  • FNPS chapters and FNPS publications can use any text from this website without seeking permission from FNPS to do so.  A reference to the relevant URL is recommended but not required.
  • Non-FNPS entities must indicated that the text was obtained from the FNPS website and should include the relevant URL, and where applicable, date when accessed.  Direct quotes should be so indicated.
  • Where there is a stated author, the name of the author should be acknowledged.
  • For content from the Palmetto or from the Sabal minor, the year, volume, and page must be provided along with the author and title of the article

Use of Images

Almost all photograpic images on this website are reproduced here by permission of the owner and they are protected under either the owner's copyright or by the copyright on this website, or both. 

  • FNPS chapters can use any image from this website on its website or in its newsletter.  If indicated, the photographer's name and that the image came from should be included.  It must retain its copyright.
  • FNPS publications (both printed and electronic) can use any image from this website on its website or in its newsletter.  If given on the website, the photographer's name should be included.    
  • No image should be downloaded and reproduced in any manner that would noticable reduce its apparent quality in the ultimate use  (for example, don't take a tiny image and publish as though it was huge).  
  • For FNPS uses (including chapter uses) where the image becomes part of a collage or all or part of a publication (electronic or print) where acknowledgement is not appropriate, please obtain permission from the photographer.
  • Images may generally be downloaded by non-FNPS entities if they are to be used for non-commercial, non-profit, educational purposes.  Any use that does not fit these criteria requires explicit permission from the photographer.  Images with no caption on this website fall into this category.  Any use where someone is going to profit from the photograph (such as a consulting firm making nature trail signs for a client or putting an image in a book that will be sold) requires photographer permission.  If in doubt, contact FNPS Administrative Services or the FNPS WebTeam before use.
  • FNPS Contractors may use images from the FNPS website if the use (website or publication)  if the website or publication carries the FNPS name, FNPS logo, and FNPS copyright.  FNPS Contractors cannot assume that they have blanked approval for image use where there the use is not for an FNPS website or publication unless it meets the non-profit educational requirements stated above.  Contractors cannot use FNPS images  to promote their businesses unless given specific permission by the photographer and by FNPS.

Major contributors of photographs include

  • Shirley Denton
  • Ginny Stibolt
  • Mark Hutchinson
  • Roger Hammer
  • Paul Rebman
  • Valerie Anderson
  • FNPS Landscape Award Winners
  • FNPS Research Grant and Conservation Grant Recipients

Contact FNPS Administrative Services with the URL of the image and (if known) the photographer, for contact information.

Uses That Are Not Allowed

  • Written content and photographs cannot be used by any non-FNPS entity to imply FNPS endorsement without the express permission of FNPS.
  • Written content and photographs cannot be used to demean or denegrate FNPS.