Florida Native License Tag Voucher

Support Florida's Native Plants and Native Plant Communities

and the Wildlife that Depend on Them

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FNPS is a 501(3)(c) charity. When the plate is printed, $25 will go to support the programs of the Florida Native Plant Society.


Who We Are

The Florida Native Plant Society is a grass-roots non-proft whose mission is to

Preserve, Conserve, and Restore the native plants and native plant Communities of Florida



Conservation & Preservation

We work to conserve native habitats through 1) purchase, 2) sound management, and 3) protection.  Through this, we help protect water quality, wildlife habitats, and habitats for unique Florida plants.


Management & Restoration

Attractive, healthy, native plant communities depend on sound management.  Our volunteers assist in management planning and in hand-on activities such as invasive species removal, plant rescues, and controlled fire..