Florida Native License Plate Voucher


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When you buy a voucher for a Florida Native license tag, you are supporting good tourism, good hunting, good fishing, bood birding, environmentally friendly gardening, and helping sustain a healthy outdoor lifestyle.  

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

Your financial support helps fund:

  • Support for conservation land acquisition
  • Participation in land management that enhances habitat suitability for native plants, wildlife, and benefitial insects.
  • Education about our native species and landscapes
  • Public policies that protect our native flora, especially rare species
  • Supporting legislation to protect our natural lands and native plants.
  • Research on native plant species
  • Encouragement of local landscaping practices and policies that preserve Florida's native plant heritage
  • Information about native plants and native plant communities, and how we can help protect our natural resources and wildlife in urban environments.
FNPS is a member-driven non-profit organization.  We rely upon our members and other generous donors.

You can pre-order your license plate voucher in one of two ways:

  1. Contact your local tax collector’s office; or

  2. Click on the link below, and you can order a voucher for yourself or a friend.  It will be delivered by the Escambia County tax collector's office.

Order Now for $34


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