Conservation of Rare Plants and Native Habitats

FNPS focuses on conservation including the preservation and restoration of rare plants and their habitats.

Particpation on the FDACS Endangered Plant Council


FNPS has a seat on this council which is responsible for developing the list of rare plant species listed as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern by the State of Florida

History of the Endangered Plant Advisory Council


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Support for Conservation Lands Acquisition


For many years, FNPS has supported state and local acquisition of conservation lands. We operate at both the state and local level to support public acquisition and appropriate management of lands that protect intact ecosystems, native flora, and wildlife. At the state level, FNPS was a participant…



The list below lists recent projects that we have funded.

Exploration into the biology and ecology of the Florida-endangered Magnolia ashei (Ashe’s magnolia),
Dr. Gary Knox, Gardening Friends of the Big Bend, sponsored by the Magnolia Chapter (2017)

Researchers will study the biology and ecology of the Florida-endangered Ashe’s magnolia (Magnolia ashei) in its native habitats. The study will address pollination, seed predation, plant injury, and potential disease threats of M. ashei. These key factors collectively determine Ashe’s magnolia survival, fecundity and reproduction, and may impose significant negative pressures on M. ashei populations resulting from conditions such as few or inefficient pollinators, excessive seed damage from common seed pests, excessive plant injury from antlered white-tailed deer, and opportunistic pathogens invading injured trees. Effects may be compounding and likely contribute to M. ashei’s overall limited range and low population levels. Impacts to M. ashei associated with these risk factors will be quantified using passive insect traps, programmable digital photography, and traditional and DNA-based disease diagnostics. Data will be incorporated into management tools which will be vital to conservation efforts for this relic tree species. 

This award was made possible by generous donations from the following:

·           Suncoast Chapter

·           Pinellas Chapter

·           Sea Rocket Chapter

·           Dade Chapter - in honor of Joyce and Don Gann

·           Annie Schmidt and John Stites