Featured Projects - Landscaping

FNPS has created a model landscape ordinance.  This model ordinance is intended to assist local governments with development and update of their landscape ordinances with a goal toward making them not just "Florida Friendly" but native friendly as well.   The model ordinance is not intended to replace local ordinances, but rather to be a guide for making them sustainable.  They encourage practices to conserve water, protect water quality, avoid problem non-native species (invasive species), and provide habitat for desirable insects and wildlife.

Download the Model Ordinance

Cover of the model ordinance.



The Council of Chapters spearheaded the development of six regional native plant brochure.  Each brochure has easily gown plants (trees, shrubs, and herbaceous species) characteristic of the region.  The brochure is full color and distributed through the FNPS chapters.

Poster versions are available for sale from our TeeSpring Store.

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One side of the unfolded native plant brochure.