Volunteer Needs - Restoration

Volunteers are hugely important in the Florida Native Plant Society with opportunities ranging from participation in state-wide initiatives to leadership in our chapters.

We invite you to join us.

We can help you find projects that match your interests and knowledge.  We willingly teach.

Citizen scientists participate in many FNPS projects including all of those listed as featured projects.  Look for opportunities for

  • Plant rescues
  • Land management partners (volunteer to participate in a land management review)
  • Restoration projects (nuisance species control, planting)
  • Plant surveys
  • Research on native plants and native plant communities
  • Teaching community members and leaders about native plants
  • Etc.


  Email the Volunteer Coordinator




Chapters develop and implement many citizen science projects.  

Look for opportunities for

  • Plant rescues
  • Restoration projects (nuisance species control, planting)
  • Plant surveys
  • Teaching community members and leaders about native plants
  • Design and creation of demonstration gardens
  • Lead field trips
  • Present programs
  • Run native plant sales to supply native plants to the community
  • Help run native plant nurseries (selected chapters do this)
  • Etc.

Contact your local chapter to volunteer.  




Many volunteers make our chapters function smoothly.  There are many ways you can assist.

  • Head a chapter committee -- it can be a simple as coordinating with others to bring refreshments to meetings
  • Serve on your chapter board of directors
  • Be a chapter representative to the Council of Chapters
  • Be a field trip leader
  • Present a program
  • Volunteer to be your chapter newsletter editor
  • Be the membership coordinator for your chapter
  • Volunteer at plant sales and outreach events
  • Help with a demonstration garden

And many more.

Contact your chapter to volunteer.




Participating in the Land Management Reviews for public lands purchased under the Florida Forever and P2000 programs has been one of FNPS' most successful project efforts. 

Since 2009, FNPS members have participated in nearly 100% of all state land management reviews.

You can volunteer in your area or state-wide.  Participating in reviews will let you see parts of parks and managed lands that the public rarely sees.  It will let you have a voice in how our natural lands are managed.  Plants need this voice.



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Land management review team at St. Sebastian Preserve State Park, 2011.  Photo by Vince Lamb.