Society History

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FNPS Memories


I joined at the beginning of the organization way back, I believe it was in 1976 or 1982 when I was living in Dade County Florida. I kept the membership even when living back in Pennsylvania, where I am living now. I am planning to move back to South Florida for retiring in 2015. I would like to receive E-mails from and information on the organization to keep me informed please. P.S. I worked in my young years right out of Penn State University, degree in Agiculture 1974 in landscaping work throughout the Miami-Ft Lauderdale area.

Gary-Eugene H. Perroz --- At Large


Conference tree plant community planting at Edison Community College. Photos forwarded in email. Only one response from someone in Manatee chapter re having participated. You may recognize some of those digging holes.

Dick Workman --- Coccoloba


I'm putting odd stuff here

Shirley Denton --- Cuplet Fern


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Shirley Denton --- Suncoast