Alnus serrulata

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Hazel Alder, Smooth Alder


Plant Specifics

Size:5-30 ft tall by 5-10 ft wide
Life Span:Long-lived perennial
Flower Color:Yellow
Fruit Color:Brown
Noted for:Interesting bark, Showy flowers


Recommended Uses:Informal specimen plant or could be used as a mass planting or hedge in moist areas. It is usually a multi-stemmed tall shrub.
Propagation:From seed or division.
Availability:Friends, Native nurseries, FNPS plant sales
Light: Full Sun,  Part Shade
Moisture Tolerance:
always floodedextremely dry
 (Aquatic ----- to ----- Somewhat moist, no flooding)
Moisture Tolerance: Aquatic ----- to ----- Somewhat moist, no flooding
Salt Water Flooding Tolerance:Tolerant of inundation with brackish water
Salt Spray/ Salty Soil Tolerance:Some tolerance to salty wind but not direct salt spray.
Soil or other substrate:Loam, Sand
Soil pH:Acidic



Browsed by deer.

Native Habitats:Swamps, river floodplains.

Distribution and Planting Zones

Natural Range in Florida
USDA Zones

Suitable to grow in:
8A 8B 

USDA zones are based on minimum winter temperatures


General Comments:It forms root nodules with a symbiont fungus to fix its own nitrogen; so it grows well in poor or sterile soil. Its persistent fruit looks like a very small pine cone.