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Saddened by the loss of a founding member of Sea Rocket Chapter

Posted September 12, 2019

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Suzanne Meyer’s passing, on April 22nd, from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. Suzanne was one of the founding members of the Sea Rocket Chapter, and a long time FNPS member. We remember her for her tireless efforts on behalf of FNPS and the Sea…

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FNPS Loses Another Friend

Posted September 10, 2019

We are saddened by the sudden loss of Angela Loper.  Angela and her husband James have been longtime supporters of our mission and our Ixia Chapter.  Their native plant nursery and landscaping business “Reflections of Nature Nursery” is a shining star in north Florida. Angela was born on August…

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Save the Date: 40th Annual Conference

Posted September 10, 2019

Our 40th Annual Conference will be on May 14-17, 2020 at the University of North Florida at the Adam W. Herbert University Center and sponsored by the UNF Environmental Center.
Stay tuned - our confernce pages will be live soon.

2019 Policy Advocacy Handbook

Posted September 03, 2019

The Florida Native Plant Society’s Policy and Legislation Committee has compiled the 2019 Policy Advocacy Handbook for your use and reference.  As in previous years, we encourage you to engage with your local elected officials.  The next couple months your state legislators (Representatives and Senators) will be scheduling town hall type Legislative Delegation meeting.  Guidance on how to participate effectively in those meetings is an important element of the Handbook.  We will be providing the dates and locations of those meetings as they areannounced, county by county, on our Facebook events, Teamup Calendar, and emails to Chapter leadership.  Please refer to that information as soon as possible so the date of your delegation meeting is on your radar.

As in previous years, we also encourage you to invite you local legislator(s) on a field trip during which you can promote the importance of conserving natural areas through the Florida Forever Program as a way to advance the FNPS mission to conserve native plants and native plant communities.  Guidance on organizing and conducting such field trips in also included in the Handbook.  The fall months are an ideal time to organize such field trips because the weather is ideal and your legislator(s) will be at home in their districts rather than in Tallahassee.  It’s important to begin planning soon so you can engage with them before the beginning of the next legislative session in January.

We created the Handbook to assist you. Feel free to contact the Policy Committee if we can be of additional assistance.

Eugene Kelly, Policy and Legislation Chair
Florida Native Plant Society Board of Directors

GuideStar Seal of Transparency

Posted August 09, 2019

FNPS just received a GuideStar seal of transparency!  This is a status awarded to only 0.5% of charities listed by GuideStar.  Many thanks to our Executive Director for the work it took to get this.

You Can Make a Difference

Posted July 27, 2019

You can make a difference.  FNPS is working on a project to protect one of Florida's most beautiful wildflowers, the clasping warea. 

We are acquiring land to protect the largest remaining population of this critically endangered species.  Acquiring land and committing to managing it is a very big step for FNPS.  

We hope that you will support us.


Do You Want to Make a Difference?

Posted July 27, 2019

The most recent Palmetto highlights two important FNPS conservation efforts:  acquision of lands that will protect one of Florida's iconic rare wildflowers and the TorreyaKeepers project.

TorreyaKeepers is working to locate endangered Torreya trees that have been both burried and broken by Hurricana Michael.  The ultimate goal is preservation of remaining Torreya trees, and searching for a cure to the serious disease that has been decimating these trees throughout their very limited range.

FNPS is seeking donations to help with this effort.


Latest from the Blog

Florida Native Plant Society Purchases 12.5 Acres to Protect Endangered Species

PO Box 278
Melbourne, FL 32902

Valerie Anderson, Director of Communications and Programming
Phone: 386.852.2539 | Email:

Florida Native Plant Society Purchases 12.5 Acres to Protect Endangered Species

With generous private donations and grant awards from the Felburn Foundation and The Nature Conservancy, the Florida Native Plant Society completed the purchase of 12.5 acres of rare sandhill habitat in Marion County that will help protect the critically endangered plant Clasping warea (Warea amplexifolia) and the federally threatened Florida Sand Skink (Plestiodon reynoldsi). Marion County is home to the largest population of Clasping Warea and one of the northernmost occurrences of the Florida Sand Skink.

In 2014, the Florida Native Plant Society and Putnam Land Conservancy formed a partnership to acquire and preserve an approximately 400 acre corridor of lands to protect rare and endemic species (found only in Florida) and link together publicly-protected properties (St. Johns River Water Management District and the Ocala National Forest) in Marion County.

FNPS Executive Director Juliet Rynear is thrilled with the recent acquisition, “We are so grateful to Putnam Land Conservancy and all of our amazing partners in this project. It is so rewarding to work with such a great group of people who are so dedicated to conservation in our state.”

To date, the Putnam Land Conservancy has preserved 8 parcels through donation of fee title and conservation easements.

“We're excited the partnership between our organizations is making protection of these species a reality. Thanks to FNPS and its volunteers for bringing to light the importance of conserving this area and heading up this acquisition.” -Willy The Losen, Conservation Director for the Putnam Land Conservancy.

The Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) preserves, conserves and restores the native plants and native plant communities of Florida. Since the 1980s, this organization has been advocating for increased protection for threatened and endangered plants and plant communities. FNPS encourages the planting of native plants in home, commercial, and institutional landscapes. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization with over 4300 members in 35 chapters statewide.

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