Nymphaea jamesoniana

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Sleeping Beauty Water-lily


Plant Specifics

Size:0.5 ft
Life Span:Long-lived perennial
Flower Color:White
Fruit Color:NA
Phenology:Winter dormant
Noted for:Aroma, fragrance, Showy flowers


Recommended Uses:Useful as a curiosity in an aquatic garden as flowers open only late at night and closed by morning.
Considerations:Open only at night. Fragrant.
Availability:Friends, Specialty providers
Light: Full Sun,  Part Shade
Moisture Tolerance:
always floodedextremely dry
 (Aquatic (always flooded) ----- to ----- Aquatic)
Moisture Tolerance: Aquatic (always flooded) ----- to ----- Aquatic
Salt Water Flooding Tolerance:Not salt tolerant of inundation by salty or brackish water.
Salt Spray/ Salty Soil Tolerance:Low/no tolerance of salty wind or direct salt spray
Soil or other substrate:Organic material (muck), Sand
Soil pH:



This particular water lily blooms only at night.  Personal observation, and a published research study suggest that the pollinator (s) may be beetles.

Native Habitats:Aquatic. Marsh, lake. Roadside ditches.

Distribution and Planting Zones

Natural Range in Florida
USDA Zones

Suitable to grow in:
10A 9A 9B 

USDA zones are based on minimum winter temperatures


General Comments:

Likely more common than suggested by the known county occurrences as likely overlooked since its blooms are nocturnal.

It is not clear to this author why anyone would seek out this plant except as a curiosity.  It begins blooming around 11 pm and the flowers are closed by 5 am.