Rhododendron canescens

Wild Azalea, Piedmont Azalea, Pinxter Azalea


Plant Specifics

Size:10-15 ft tall by 10-15 ft wide
Life Span:Long-lived perennial
Flower Color:Pink
Fruit Color:Brown
Phenology:Deciduous; blooms in mid-spring
Noted for:Aroma, Fragrance, Showy flowers


Recommended Uses:Specimen plant, thicket, or natural background plantings.
Propagation:Seed or division.
Availability:Native nurseries, FNPS plant sales
Light: Part Shade
Moisture Tolerance:
always floodedextremely dry
 (Usually moist, occasional inundation ----- to ----- Not wet but not extremely dry)
Moisture Tolerance: Usually moist, occasional inundation ----- to ----- Not wet but not extremely dry
Salt Water Flooding Tolerance:Not salt tolerant of inundation by salty or brackish water.
Salt Spray/ Salty Soil Tolerance:Low/no tolerance of salty wind or direct salt spray
Soil or other substrate:Sand
Soil pH:Acidic



Attracts hummingbirds.


Attracts pollinators, especially bumble bees.

Native Habitats:Upland hardwood forests, flatwoods, by swamps, bluffs, slope forests, secondary woods.

Distribution and Planting Zones

Natural Range in Florida
USDA Zones

Suitable to grow in:
8A 8B 9A 9B 

USDA zones are based on minimum winter temperatures


Ethnobotany:Poisonous if eaten.