Spartina alterniflora

Saltmarsh Cordgrass, Smooth Cordgrass

Poaceae (Gramineae)

Plant Specifics

Size:2-6 ft
Life Span:Long-lived perennial
Flower Color:Yellow
Fruit Color:NA
Noted for:Interesting foliage


Recommended Uses:Used for shoreline protection. A major saltmarsh plant. Useful for erosion control.
Propagation:Division or seed.
Availability:Specialty providers
Light: Full Sun
Moisture Tolerance:
always floodedextremely dry
 (Stays Wet ----- to ----- Not wet but not extremely dry)
Moisture Tolerance: Stays Wet ----- to ----- Not wet but not extremely dry
Salt Water Flooding Tolerance:Tolerant of frequent or regular inundation (usually areas with tidal inundation)
Salt Spray/ Salty Soil Tolerance:High. Can tolerate significant and ongoing amounts of salty wind and salt spray without injury.
Soil or other substrate:Loam, Sand
Soil pH:



Birds and other animals eat the seeds.


Larval food for Louisiana eyed silkmoth (Automeris louisiana)

Native Habitats:Salt marsh, tidal flats, beaches.

Distribution and Planting Zones

Natural Range in Florida
USDA Zones

Suitable to grow in:
10A 10B 11 8A 8B 9A 9B 

USDA zones are based on minimum winter temperatures