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FNPS Publications

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You can find resources specific to native plants and native plant communities under the Plants tab

Annual Reports

Coloring Book

These are a series of pages created by Amy Mosher, Sea Rocket Chapter, that can be used as an educational tool for teaching children about Florida native plants.

FNPS Policies

Selected Policy statements prepared by FNPS.  These can be used as information sources and guides for addressing environmental issues that may arise relative to their impact on the conservation and management of Florida's native plants and native plant communities.

Policies are part of the FNPS handbook and the full list and most current versions can be accessed from the handbook.

Gardening with Natives

Documents  prepared by FNPS, its chapters and conservation partners intended to assist gardeners in making wise decisions on plant choices and gardening techniques.  Some of these documents are designed to be printed, sometimes back-to-back, and folded.

Good Citizen Guide Regional Inserts

Florida’s natural treasures depend on you.  The 12 regional inserts to our Good Citizen Guide help you discover amazing plant communities near your home or in an area of Florida you may want to visit.  You will also find a section on easy to grow natives for the region of Florida in which you live.  To locate the region you want to see, just check out the map file below.

Note:  these are not print-ready files.  If you need files to send to a printer, please contact the FNPS Executive Director for a link to those files.

Model Landscape Ordinance

The model landscape ordinance is intended to assist Florida municipalities, counties, and homeowners associations in developing of landscaping standards for their areas.  The model ordinance, finalized by FNPS in 2007, focuses on sustanability through planting of native plants, minimzation of water use, and elimination of invasive non-native species.

Native Plant Profiles

Each of these Native Plant Profiles contains information and growing conditions for individual plant species.   Updated August 2013.