2024 Landscape Awards


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Everyone is encouraged to apply - including non-FNPS members

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The FNPS Landscape Awards celebrate excellence in landscape design, innovation, and sustainability across diverse projects and practitioners throughout the state of Florida. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an enthusiastic amateur, or a dedicated conservationist, we invite you to showcase your contributions to the field of native landscaping. Our awards program recognizes outstanding projects that demonstrate creativity, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. From urban parks and public spaces to private gardens and restoration initiatives, we welcome submissions that inspire, educate, and enhance the natural and built environment. Join us in celebrating the transformative power of native plants and the individuals and organizations dedicated to creating vibrant, resilient landscapes for future generations.



Native Garden of Excellence

The 2024 Native Garden of Excellence award recognizes projects that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to incorporating Florida's native plants into their landscapes, all while upholding the highest standards of sustainable landscape practices. This award recognizes excellence in the use of plant diversity, habitat creation, water conservation, soil health, pest management, long-term maintenance, and innovative design aesthetics. Winners will receive:

  1. The 2024 Native Garden of Excellence Recognition Award

  2. An attractive FNPS native plant sign for display.

  3. Local and statewide media exposure.

  4. Feature story in the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) magazine, website, and social media outlets.

  5. Complimentary FNPS individual membership for two years.

Native Garden of Honor

The 2024 Native Garden of Honor award acknowledges projects that exhibit commendable efforts in integrating Florida's native plants into their landscapes while embracing sustainable landscape practices. Whether led by seasoned professionals or enthusiastic amateurs, recipients of this award inspire others with their dedication to native landscaping and commitment to environmental sustainability. Winners will receive:

  1. An attractive FNPS native plant sign for display.

  2. Local and statewide media exposure.

  3. Feature story in the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) magazine, website, and social media outlets.



  • Residential Landscaping  

    • Requirement: 75% or more of the property’s landscaped areas must contain native Florida plants.

    • Description: This category encompasses residential properties aiming to incorporate native flora into their landscapes, promoting biodiversity and supporting local ecosystems.

  • Commercial and Institutional Landscaping 

    • Requirement: 60% or more of the property’s landscaped areas must contain native Florida plants.

    • Description: This category targets commercial, governmental, educational, institutional properties, and community areas within HOA’s, encouraging the use of native plants to enhance sustainability and ecological resilience. 

  • Habitat Restoration and Conservation

    • Requirement: 100% of the project area must be dedicated to the restoration or enhancement of Florida native plant communities.

    • Description: Projects in this category focus on restoring degraded habitats, conserving native plant species, and promoting ecosystem health and resilience. Criteria emphasize native plant diversity, habitat connectivity, and ecological function.

  • Pollinator and Wildlife Demonstration & Community Gardens 

    • Requirement: 100% of the project must contain native Florida plants known to support local pollinators and wildlife.

    • Description: This category highlights gardens designed specifically to attract and support native pollinators and wildlife species. Emphasis is placed on the selection of native plant species, habitat complexity, wildlife-friendly gardening practices and educational outreach programs.



 Submit Application Fee

  • Residential - $40
  • Commercial and Institutional Landscaping - $100
  • Habitat Restoration and Conservation - $60
  • Pollinator and Wildlife Gardens - $40

Early bird applications get a 10% discount

Schools and nonprofits please email communications@fnps.org for a fee waiver



  • Minimum 2-year grow-in period before submittal (i.e. projects installed on or before August 2022).
  • No plants listed on the Florida Invasive Species Council Category I and II lists.
  • Completed applications and fees must be received by 5pm, August 9th to be considered.



  • Paid FNPS Landscape Awards entry fee
  • Completed application form, including:
    • Provide a brief overview of the project, including its location, purpose, and objectives.
    • Specify the category under which the project is being submitted 
    • List and describe the native plant species used in the project.
    • Provide a plant list and landscape plan- hand drawn sketches are also acceptable 
    • Include 10 high res pictures of the completed project. 
    • Describe how the project contributes to the creation or enhancement of wildlife habitat.
    • Outline water conservation practices used in the project
    • Outline soil and pest control management practices if any 
    • Demonstrate the project's commitment to long-term best green maintenance practices 
    • Provide examples of educational outreach programs conducted, such as workshops, guided tours, native plant walks, FNPS chapter field trips or signage.
    • Highlight any creative or innovative design elements incorporated into the project.



 Apply for a Landscape Award

 Submit Application Fee

  • Deadline to submit application will be August 9, 2024.



Email info@fnps.org or call (321) 271-6702


Submittal materials cannot be returned and may be used in presentations, reports, website, social media, and publications of the Florida Native Plant Society. Private residence addresses will never be shared. Public location addresses may be shared if applicant agrees.

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