The Florida Native Plant Society’s mission is to champion Florida’s native plants and their habitats.


  • Learning – Expanding our collective knowledge of native plants, landscapes, and habitats in Florida.
  • Accuracy – Anchoring our work in science, research, and fact-based information.
  • Enthusiasm - Cultivating excitement and love for native plants and their habitats.
  • Inclusivity – Becoming stronger as a whole because we welcome and embrace all people.
  • Integrity – Holding ourselves consistently accountable to high standards in all our endeavors.
  • Stewardship – Responsibly acting as the voice for conserving & restoring native plants and their habitats.
  • Sustainability – Operating in ways that minimize harm to our natural environment.
  • Community - Fostering collaborations and nurturing productive relationships that connect to our native plant heritage and FNPS.


We envision a future where people have greater knowledge of and appreciation for Florida’s natural environment and where diverse native plants, communities, and ecosystems thrive.

Strategic Plan 2024 - 2027

         STRATEGIC PLAN   


Why We Plant Native