Policy and Legislation

Native Plants Need a Voice!

Native Plants Need a Voice!

Good environmental regulations lead to good environmental planning and conservation. FNPS works with policy makers and policy implementers to support natural land conservation and protection of native plants.


FNPS interacts with governments across the state to promote policies that support Florida's native plant heritage:

  • tracking the legislative session
  • lobbying for legislation supporting of Florida's native plants and native plant communities
  • supporting member interactions with state and local politicians
  • development of appropriate legislation
  • interacting with local government officials
  • tracking state, regional and local policy development that will affect native plants and native plant communities
  • participation on the Florida Department of Consumer Services Advisory Council on endandered plants
  • seeking equal protection for plants under the Federal Endangered Species Act
  • managing and action alert list focusing on regional and state level concerns that need immediate action to protect native plants and their habitats
  • working with public land owners to develop management plants that conserve, protect, and restore native plant communities while being consistent with public recreation uses


FNPS contracts with a lobbyist to review proposed legislation prior to and during the legislative session.  We also work with that lobbist on development of new legislation, and to work with state leaders to support native plants.


The FNPS sponsors seminars and develops materials, both for our members, to assist them in knowing how to effectively interact with their local governments and state representatives to gain their support for native plants and conservation and management of natural lands.

FNPS sponsored a regional chapter project to develop a manual for effective citizen participation in government decisions.  Click here to download the document.

Properties purchased using money from Florida Forever and Preservation 2000 are required under Florida statutes to develop land management plans.  These plans result in practical planning documents and land management policies for the public lands.  Properties subject to review include many state parks and some state forests, water management district lands, and wildlife management areas.

FNPS participates as a conservation organization in this planning process.  We participate in the mandated reviews and updates of the planning documents.

Learn more about our Land Management Partners program in the major projects section.

Photo by Vince Lamb.

FNPS has had a representative for the Florida Department of Agriculture's Endangered Plant Advisory Council since its inception in 1994.  Check date!  The chair of the Advisory Council has been the FNPS representative since 1994.  Check date!

The Advisory Council reviews the current status of plant species and recommends species for listing as Threatened or Endangered by the State of Florida.  The list is periodically updated and adopted by the Florida legislature.

Harper's beauty, Harperocallis flava.  A State and federally endangered .  Found in Florida only in a new locations in the south-central panhandle.  Photo by Shirley Denton

Did you know that there is little protection for rare plants at either the state of federal levels. While protected by dint on ownership on many state and federal properties, this protection does not extend to private lands or to all public lands.   FNPS participates in the Native Plant Conservation Campain to get effective protection for native plants.

There is a long way to go.

Semaphore cactus, Consollea corallicola.  Listed as State and federally endangered.  Found only in the keys (islands) of extreme southern Florida.  Photo by Shirley Denton.